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Quantifiler® DUO DNA Quantification Kit User’s Manual. ated with assay target selection are: general human-specific DNA quantification using highly-repetitive Alu motif nuclear. Each of the Quantifiler Kits have been fully validated by Applied Biosystems. 6 and an R2greater than or equal to 0. Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification Kit: A Guiding Tool for Short Tandem Repeat Genotyping of Forensic Samples. Qiagen ® QIAamp. Kits: Quantifiler ® Human DNA Quantification Kit and Quantifiler ® Y Human Male DNA Quantification Kit, User’s Manual, Rev.

Quantifiler HP and Trio DNA Quantification Kits User Guide. The addition of the MavenQST quantification system to the comparison study is also planned after internal validation is completed. reasonably expected to be developed with each kit. Here we show the implementation of a robotized setup for the Quantifiler™ Human DNA Quantification Kit. The role of the Quantifiler™ Human kit is to.

The Quantifiler Trio DNA Quantification Kit has been optimized and validated as part of a complete DNA testing system with the AmpFLSTR PCR Amplification kits. The kit is designed and optimized for use with the ABI PRISM® 7000 Sequence Detection System and the SDS Software v1. The ranges obtained from this study are slightly larger than the ranges suggested in the Quantifiler®Duo DNA Quantification User’s Manual. Part NumberRev. Quantifiler™ Duo DNA Quantification Kit USER GUIDE Catalog NumberPublication Number 4391294. 2 Applied Biosystems () Quantifiler human DNA quantitation kit and Quantifiler Y human male DNA quantitation kit user’s manual, Part NumberRev A.

HUMAN DNA QUANTITATION The Applied Biosystems (AB) Quantifiler™ kits provide reagents and protocols necessary for the rapid and sensitive quantitation of human nuclear DNA. Developmental Validation of the Quantifiler ® Duo DNA Quantification Kit for Simultaneous Quantification of Total Human and Human Male DNA and Detection of PCR Inhibitors in Biological Samples. Text ConventionsThis guide uses the following conventions: •Bold indicates user action. · DNA degradation was assessed by the degradation index (DI) defined by the Quantifiler ® HP DNA Quantification kit user&39;s manual. The Quantifiler Trio kit and the HID v1.

This manual suggests a slope range of -3. Refer to Chapter 3 in Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification Kit User’s Manual 7. 0 ng for different kits as described in the User ’s Manuals for AmpF‘STR kits. The Quantifiler®Duo DNA Quantification Kit User’s Manual provides information about and instructions for using the quantifiler kits users manual Quantifiler®Duo DNA Quantification Kit.

The amount of DNA recommended for STR typing ranges from 0. Some of the data is also presented in the Quantifiler ® Duo DNA Quantification Kit User Manual. 5 lLof Quantifiler PCR reaction mix, 6. 1 Proprietary & Confidential The world leader in serving science Proprietary & Confidential Sheri Olson, Thermo Fisher Scientific Bode West Meeting March, Coronado, CA Quantifiler™ Trio: Decision-support to help streamline Sexual Assault sample ed With: Quantifiler™ Human DNA Quantification Kits Users Manual, Quantifiler™ Y Human Male DNA Quantification Kit 2. · EZ1 ® DNA Investigator Kit, a semi-automated process which uses paramagnetic resin to capture DNA.

• 50 ng/uL, enabling the use of a broad range of concentrations, with flexible protocols for higher concentration samples. The Quantifiler®Kits User’s Manual provides information about and instructions for using the Quantifiler®Human DNA Quantification Kit and the Quantifiler®Y Human Male DNA Quantification Kit. AudienceThis manual is intended for scientists who use the Quantifiler®Duo DNA Quantification Kit for the quantification of human DNA extracted from a variety of sample types. Eight standards were created via serial dilution of the quantifiler kits users manual Quantifiler Human DNA Standard according to the Quantifiler Kit user manual. Quantifiler™ HP and Trio DNA Quantification Kits USER GUIDE for use with: Quantifiler™ HP DNA Quantification Kit (Cat. The Quantifiler Trio DNA Quantification Kit is a robust kit that enables forensic laboratories to simultaneously obtain a quantitative and qualitative assessment of total human and human male DNA in a single, highly sensitive real-time PCR reaction. ∗A portion of the data is presented in the QuantifilerTM Kits User’s Manual “Experiments and Results” section.

Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification Kit User Guide 13 Chapter 1 Overview Real-time data analysis system uses the data obtained from the pure‐dye calibration to distinguish the individual contribution of each dye in the collective fluorescence, as gathered by the instrument during a run. 12 Applied Biosystems HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software v1. Quantifiler Kits User’s Manual. Developmental validation of the Quantifiler Duo DNA Quantification kit for simultaneous quantification of total human and human male DNA and detection of PCR inhibitors in biological samples. What is a quantifiler trio? Quantifiler™ Human DNA Quantification Kits User&39;s Manual 2.

Reactions consisted of 7. · The quantification of the collected samples was carried out with the Quantifiler ® Trio DNA Quantification Kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Oyster Point, CA) according to the manufacturer’s early kit evaluation instructions. In general, for samples containing DNA at concentrations of 0. 2 lL of DNA extract or standard, for a total volume of 15 lL. A User Query prompt at the start of a protocol allows users a choice of entering varying sample numbers. In the present study we tested the performance of PrepFiler™ kit against other commonly used commercially available kits on a variety of real forensic casework samples: bloodstains on different substrates, washed bloodstains, semen stains, saliva stains, hairs. IMPORTANT: Before using the QIAgility, it is quantifiler kits users manual essential to read the QIAgility User Manual carefully. “Use this node” variables allowed choosing whether to carry out the kit DNA standard dilution routine or to make a master mix each time.

Quantifiler® qPCR setup protocol. Quantifiler ® Duo DNA Quantification Kit User’s Manual. The Quantifiler™ HP Kit is designed to quantify the total amount of amplifiable human DNA in a sample. The procedures described here are derived from a variety of sources. 2 Single user license A24664 References 1. Quantification Kit User’s Manual or the Quantifiler® Duo DNA Quantification Kit User’s Manual. ; published.

The chemistry is compatible with commonly used extraction technologies for easy integration into current lab workflows. Part of the work was presented at the 59th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, in San Antonio, TX, February 19–24,, and at the 18th International Symposium on Human Identification, Hollywood, CA, October. 2 software are designed for use with the Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System. Quantifiler® HP and Trio DNA Quantification Kits User Guide. Experience Matters When you partner with Applied Biosystems, you gain access to the extensive knowledge and experience of our forensic support team and training resources. · For the Quantifiler kit, 2 µL of template is used in 25-µL reactions (Quantifiler Kit User&39;s Manual), whereas for AmpFlSTR SGM Plus, ≤5× more template is added to make up the same final reaction volume (AmpFlSTR SGM Plus PCR Amplification Kit User&39;s Manual), giving a five-fold higher PCR inhibitor concentration.

Both the kit and the software are fully automatable with most liquid handling robotic platforms. The Quantifiler™HP and Trio DNA Quantification Kits User Guideprovides information about Thermo Fisher Scientific instruments, chemistries, and software associated with the Quantifiler™HP and Trio DNA Quantification Kits.

Quantifiler kits users manual

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